Expressions of Space

New Series! It shouldn't be surprising that a major change in my personal life has sent me on another tangent in my approach to painting. We are finally settled in our new home. We are still lacking some furniture and rugs, but it sure is refreshing to have all the space. We loved our quaint little matchbox house (our first house), but ...ahhh... it's nice to be able to breathe!!

This series is titled "Expressions of Space". Open weave compositions and bold active markings describe the feeling of living within an open, roomy area, free of clutter and full of room to work, play and relax.

Reenergized A 48x36

Reenergized B 48x36

Space for Play I

Space for Play II

Space to Breathe I

Space to Breathe II 36x36

Good Spirits I

Rejuvenate I

Rejuvenate II