Satisfaction & Refresh

   Busy does not begin to describe it! I have been in "mad painter mode" for about 8 weeks. On average, we are talking 6-10 large scale paintings per week from start to finish. I have picked up five new galleries this summer which meant I had to really get on it in order to create that kind of inventory. Great problem... but still exhausting! If you are in the market, there is a ton of new work out there to choose from. 
    Since there is only one of me, I have had the wonderful help of a great assistant (Lauren, you're simply the best). She has been keeping up my blog posts, among other things, while I am furiously painting. I haven't gotten to make any comments lately since I have not been doing the posting. I wanted to fill you in, in case someone out there is actually interested!! 
   These recent paintings are mostly referring to the idea of relishing in the luxury of space. We have recently moved, and I can't get used to the comfort of the room we now have compared to what we did live with.  It has been very inspiring for my paintings, and the joy that came along with our new home (and my new studio) is translated in there, too. I am enjoying using even more expressive mark making and clearer color schemes with bright, intense shades of white. Some of my paintings are still contributing to the Play Time series, but most are a part of an ever evolving series, Expressions of Space. 
  Look out for news on website updates. I have several additions in the works! 

~Thank you for your interest in my work! I am always humbled by the great support I have out there.

Satisfaction a 18x14

Satisfaction b 18x14

Satisfaction c 18x14

Satisfaction d 18x14

Refresh I 48x36

Refresh 36x36