NEW SERIES! "The Big Picture"

It's a new year and I decided I was ready to explore new concepts with my paintings. The shock of being a first time parent is no longer my biggest influence. I guess I got the hang of it, after all! (not...)

I am really excited about my new series of paintings. I feel like I will be able to work long and hard with these concepts. I am always pushing myself and my work to grow and change. Taking a good hard look at what is on my heart and my mind helps me to make work that is genuine. I like to be able to explain what I am painting. The majority of the population is naive to abstract painting. I will always have an answer to that (annoying) question....
 "So what is it, anyway?" 
 And I'll say: "Oh, I'm glad you asked....but you will wish you hadn't!"  :)

Here are the first of many paintings from "The Big Picture" and my artist's statement for this series.

Unfolding A 48x48
Unfolding B 48x48
The Big Picture A 48x48
The Big Picture B 48x48
Comprehending 48x48
Grand Scheme A 48x48
Grand Scheme B 48x48
Inclusive A 40x40
Inclusive B 40x40
By and Large 48x48

Unabridged 30x24 on paper

The Big Picture, artist's statement 

   I have taught myself to view each life event as an essential chapter that leads to the next. The paintings in “The Big Picture” series illustrate the highs and lows in the story of life.  Hardships are inevitable, and the stress of an ordinary day can make it hard to remain enthusiastic. However, if we examine our past, it is easy to see that the grim moments make the greatest joys seem brighter. It even seems that we could not fully experience one without the other.
    In this series, I want to achieve a finished painting that does not look perfected or overworked. Instead, I want the painting to seem raw. There are areas that expose the process and stages that the painting has gone through. Various shapes, textures and colors are carefully layered and selectively washed or wiped away. The uncovered gestural lines provoke visual energy and vivacity. I am recognizing ways to paint with less apprehension, while honesty and confidence remain important objectives for creating fresh, distinctive work.
    When looking at a painting that represents a lifetime, there are occasional areas of dark tones, neutral colors in passive spaces, and pleasing hues in areas that draw the eye.  The result displays how the dark, dull and vibrant moments will collaborate to create a big picture worth admiring.