“Clean Living” 48x60 oil on canvas

“Clean Living” 48x60 oil on canvas

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This is the background story for this particular painting and the thought process behind the title.

The clean living movement; it’s making quite a splash! The way I see it, it’s a direction we had to move towards because humanity as a whole has grown to live so far from our natural intention that we had no where to go but back where we came from. Our modern ways are sickening us, and sadly “healthy” living doesn’t cut it anymore. We are learning to be informed and knowledgeable, but it’s freaking exhausting and beyond overwhelming when you really get into the guts of the matter. We also can’t live in fear and paranoia so you truly have to choose which clean efforts to focus on. Which ones effect you the most?...And then add in more efforts as you learn and adapt.

Beyond the food, products, meds and so on that pertain to clean living, I got to thinking about this topic as it relates to my new series Drawing the Light. What does it mean to live with a clean perspective, free of toxic influences and even toxic people? To me that means living a life with purpose and heartfelt authenticity.

This painting was made with those thoughts swirling in my head. The shapes come at you from the dark and saturated confusing state that was the under painting. The final result, after layer upon layer, is a painting made up of natural shapes, marks and forms + contrasting tones, hues and values. A vibrant and lively representation of what it means to me to ‘live clean’; to live free of wrongful intentions; to bring the good things nature intended for us out of the dark brush and into the forefront where there is light.