Cypress tress

Cypress Trees

If you are already familiar with my paintings, you know that I like to paint more than one subject matter. Painting abstractly is my number one love. That's worth underlining because I devote more creative energy and concept into those paintings. 

However, my other favorite thing to paint is the beautiful scenery in the Mobile delta. It's comfortable, the tried and true. There is not a lot of thinking behind it for me other than discovering new ways to interpret the same serene, abandoned, predictable state of the delta (and that's a good thing). 

The cypress trees have the most interesting forms. I always notice the way the water washes away the base and darkens the bark right where the tree meets the water. The roots that rise above the surface are a convenient compositional tool, as well as, the distant tall pine trees. From far away, a pine tree is so thin and dainty with a top-heavy little bloom on top. And then there is the moss on the tress, palmetto bushes on the bank, water lilies. It's a beautiful place that doesn't get a lot of credit around here!

AND..... I'll admit..... these paintings tend to be a great way to get the hunting and fishing men in your life interested in buying a piece of original art. Wait... isn't there a holiday coming up next month?