what is BE A BRIGHT SPOT ?

what is BE A BRIGHT SPOT copy.jpg

I want y’all to know, I am not claiming to be cheery at all times. Of course, I have days that are darker than others, and I need the reminder to look at what is right and good around me. But, I also recognize that there are folks out there who, no matter what, are going to look outward with a gloomy, cloudy perspective; the complainers, the whiners, gossipers, the people looking to pull you down with them cuz misery loves company. And, when you spend time with their dullness, it doesn’t make you feel good. It makes you feel depressed and helpless. It makes you shrink. It makes you dim your light.

Just like my abstract art, ‘Be a Bright Spot’ is up for your own interpretation. It can simply be a reminder to be hopeful and kind when at all possible. It can be an affirmation to be true to yourself; to be the most real version of you. It can be a nudge to notice the goodness in your life even when you are being slapped in the face with pain, sadness and discontentment. ‘Be a Bright Spot’ can be a reminder that real life is NOT about perfection. ‘Be a Bright Spot’ is not a charge to walk around with a stupid, fake smile on your face. It’s a wake up call to get real. It’s about enjoying your days and being grateful for who you are and what you have. It’s realizing that we live in a perpetual world of comparison and discrimination, mean girls and bullies (at all ages), and godforsaken mass shootings. There is plenty of dullness out there which you do not have to look for to notice. But, it is ironically hard sometimes to notice the brightness. So go ahead… Be a Bright Spot. It won’t do you any harm, but it may do someone else a lot of good.