Footloose & Fancy Free At Any Age

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This may come as a shock to some, but I don’t like being told what to do and how to do it. Bah! Call me naive, but I’d like to think I can be footloose and fancy free with my own life. 

I guess I write this stuff to y’all because I worry that lots of people forget to think for themselves and make a life that they truly enjoy. I know I am not the only one because “purpose” and “living my best life” are quite the buzz words right now. I am always making points to remind others that this one span of time we spend on Earth is actually quite a short ride in the grand spectrum. 

In celebrating my mom turning 60 this month (because she likes her birthday to last all month), she kept bringing up how grateful she is to still be here with us at 60. Without even having any health scares of her own (gratefully!), she has still witnessed her share. And, in a culture when everyone sulks over and fights the aging process, I was refreshed by her perspective. We need to celebrate and fulfill each and every opportunity we have while we are here, and to me, that means finding true fulfillment in how we spend our days. I believe that’s why we are here in the first place! 

What could you do with this life you got if not for fear? What would you do if you didn’t worry? What would make you happy? Don’t say money! Money doesn’t count.

I heard a podcast recently in which a woman who was recently empty nested was discussing the blanket of sadness that some mothers experience without children at home to take care of. She had romanticized having a family and caring for her children all her life up to that point, and she felt uncertain of what came next. Feeling that portion of her life come to a close, she suddenly realized she had another half a lifetime in front of her. For some that is overwhelming, but that observation made me excited! 

What I am about to say could sound irresponsible to those financy people out there, Lord knows I’m not one of them… 

But what would you do if you weren’t so hung up on money? I am personally terrified of money.  And obviously the fear of losing it stops a lot of us from chasing out our ideal life. What if we erased money from the picture we paint of our happiest life?

Not long ago, I determined that there is just no way my daily work is about making money so I can buy shit. I mean… think about it. Most people only work to make money so they can buy cool stuff and be happy…well also to eat and live under shelter, too. We do need money to survive. I am fortunate to have a career which I love, but even I had to question; what’s the point of this? 

There is a lot of talk out there about finding a purpose in order to create a truly fulfilling life. This week I was reminded of the simplest and truest answer to the purpose question: our purpose is to serve God and love others. Always. End of story. 

First and foremost that’s all it takes to live a fulfilling life. Serve God and love others is the first and the last step every time. 

I am learning to not have fear in the unknown i.e. anxiety about the future and money. I am learning to stay close to God. I am learning that having complete faith by leaning on His guidance in all ways is leading me to where I need to be, to do the work He needs me to do. 

The first time I absolutely trusted God fully, He told me to deliver my baby with no medication. That seems irrelevant, but in that way He showed me how strong I was even through fear and pain (those words feel understated). I believe that was my intro to His “trust me and have no fear” policy. Then I continued to listen to my heart suggesting me to find a way to share with others a message. It was a message that felt like offering others a spoonful of hope. I worked hard and did a lot of self searching, painting and writing to understand what exactly that message was, and in the process I wrote a book. As I continued to explore my heart through my work as an artist and a writer, I felt the words “bright spot” continually emerge. As my work is a visual bright spot, my book and blog essays are written bright spots too. I am creating work that represents a dosage of hope. And, I am now embarking on another new and unknown journey in order to spread what has been placed on my heart, to encourage brightness in others. 

Let my art, my words and the “Be a Bright Spot” brand remind you to be focused on the right things, to consider your time here on Earth in the grand spectrum, to reflect on how your words and actions effect those around you. “Be a Bright Spot” is a spoonful of hope that I intend to scatter out into a world that tends to be dull with the dread and fear of growing old. A whole world of people who are afraid of using the time on Earth as He intended. You don’t have to become a nun to live a life for God. Hello?!?! (I’m waving my hand and laughing because I am no saint!) Having faith is to be footloose and fancy free of that kind of fear. Find joy in simplicity. Continually return to your heart for suggestions on what to do next. And, bravely trust the suggestions you find in there. Discover what it feels like to live with purpose and to have the brightest time of your life.