Mini Post: Generations by Design


Mini posts: for when I have a little something to say.

The back of my book, To Be a Line, shows you the reason I wrote this book: the next generation. πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

I think a lot about the irony on social media; the things it may do for and against this next generation. I work to use social media as positively as possible. When opening up to the entire world is as easy as turning the camera around and tapping a button called β€œSHARE”, users are sharing more than we were ever comfortable sharing before- we are becoming comfortable with vulnerability. I used to worry that my children’s gen was totally screwed. By the time they are fully raised within this culture, I worried we would be looking at a whole world of narcissists, but I’m starting to think about that differently.... as long as people keep opening up and sharing. 

With my book and posts, I hope to keep the conversation ongoing about what makes me ME and what makes you YOU in order to give us more US. .

This book was written for the next generation; a group of people who might end up being more willing to accept who they are (and God willing, who others are) than my generation and certainly gens before that because of their ability to connect with people all around the world. This new technology driven existence we live in has been painted as a beast, but never before have we been able to connect like this, and connection let’s us feel confident about who we are. Making connections let’s us feel like the good kind of different.

β€œWhat makes you different sets you apart. It’s what makes you special. It’s what makes your mark. You are you by design. Trust in your heart and grow like a line.”