NEW SERIES! "The Big Picture"

It's a new year and I decided I was ready to explore new concepts with my paintings. The shock of being a first time parent is no longer my biggest influence. I guess I got the hang of it, after all! (not...)

I am really excited about my new series of paintings. I feel like I will be able to work long and hard with these concepts. I am always pushing myself and my work to grow and change. Taking a good hard look at what is on my heart and my mind helps me to make work that is genuine. I like to be able to explain what I am painting. The majority of the population is naive to abstract painting. I will always have an answer to that (annoying) question....
 "So what is it, anyway?" 
 And I'll say: "Oh, I'm glad you asked....but you will wish you hadn't!"  :)

Here are the first of many paintings from "The Big Picture" and my artist's statement for this series.

Unfolding A 48x48
Unfolding B 48x48
The Big Picture A 48x48
The Big Picture B 48x48
Comprehending 48x48
Grand Scheme A 48x48
Grand Scheme B 48x48
Inclusive A 40x40
Inclusive B 40x40
By and Large 48x48

Unabridged 30x24 on paper

The Big Picture, artist's statement 

   I have taught myself to view each life event as an essential chapter that leads to the next. The paintings in “The Big Picture” series illustrate the highs and lows in the story of life.  Hardships are inevitable, and the stress of an ordinary day can make it hard to remain enthusiastic. However, if we examine our past, it is easy to see that the grim moments make the greatest joys seem brighter. It even seems that we could not fully experience one without the other.
    In this series, I want to achieve a finished painting that does not look perfected or overworked. Instead, I want the painting to seem raw. There are areas that expose the process and stages that the painting has gone through. Various shapes, textures and colors are carefully layered and selectively washed or wiped away. The uncovered gestural lines provoke visual energy and vivacity. I am recognizing ways to paint with less apprehension, while honesty and confidence remain important objectives for creating fresh, distinctive work.
    When looking at a painting that represents a lifetime, there are occasional areas of dark tones, neutral colors in passive spaces, and pleasing hues in areas that draw the eye.  The result displays how the dark, dull and vibrant moments will collaborate to create a big picture worth admiring.


I love a good make over project so I do it to my paintings all the time. Here are some examples. Sometimes they are older paintings that I want to update, and some are paintings that I feel were stopped short of becoming what they were capable of. 
*starred paintings are still available

Mist- before
*Mist* -after

Core of Motion I - before

Core of Motion I - after
Core of Motion II- before

*Core of Motion II*- after

::Published in ARTisSpectrum Magazine::

I am excited to share with you this issue of a New York based art magazine called ARTisSpectrum which features my work on several pages! Click here to view a copy of the issue.
Shown in this image are two paintings I exhibited at Agora Gallery in NY last year. They are hanging in this lovely New York apartment. Thank you to the Races for your thoughtful comments. I am thrilled you are enjoying your paintings!

There I am, on the back cover, up there in the corner in yellow.

SHOP now with online shopping!! #sarahottspaintings #hadleybiniondesigns
Hadley has been working her magic on my website for the last few weeks. We have been working hard to make my paintings more accessible to you! Now, when you are looking for a painting for your home, you don't have to go on a wild goose hunt. Just go to and click on SHOP to see all available paintings. You can view and purchase what I have available in the studio. The shop will also show you what each of my galleries have in stock. You will contact the gallery to make a purchase.

New Paintings- September 2013

Core of Motion I (Reworked)

Multitasking II (Reworked)

Afternoon Rain I 

Afternoon Rain II 

Scatter I

Scatter II
Afloat (reworked)

Leaps and Bounds


Free Style- (Reworked)

Sunny Spirit I


Local Customers, Buy Direct

I am now selling work directly through my studio. As of September 1st, I will no longer have original paintings available at Ashland Gallery in Mobile. If you are local and looking for something in particular, email me and I can help you find what you are looking for! 

The following paintings are available. 

Life of the Party I 36x36  
Life of the Party II 36x48

Coloring B 48x48 

"Hide" framed on paper. Total size with frame is 39"x32"
(all white matte and frame)

"Seek" framed on paper. Total size with frame is 39"x32"
(all white matte and frame)

Satisfaction & Refresh

   Busy does not begin to describe it! I have been in "mad painter mode" for about 8 weeks. On average, we are talking 6-10 large scale paintings per week from start to finish. I have picked up five new galleries this summer which meant I had to really get on it in order to create that kind of inventory. Great problem... but still exhausting! If you are in the market, there is a ton of new work out there to choose from. 
    Since there is only one of me, I have had the wonderful help of a great assistant (Lauren, you're simply the best). She has been keeping up my blog posts, among other things, while I am furiously painting. I haven't gotten to make any comments lately since I have not been doing the posting. I wanted to fill you in, in case someone out there is actually interested!! 
   These recent paintings are mostly referring to the idea of relishing in the luxury of space. We have recently moved, and I can't get used to the comfort of the room we now have compared to what we did live with.  It has been very inspiring for my paintings, and the joy that came along with our new home (and my new studio) is translated in there, too. I am enjoying using even more expressive mark making and clearer color schemes with bright, intense shades of white. Some of my paintings are still contributing to the Play Time series, but most are a part of an ever evolving series, Expressions of Space. 
  Look out for news on website updates. I have several additions in the works! 

~Thank you for your interest in my work! I am always humbled by the great support I have out there.

Satisfaction a 18x14

Satisfaction b 18x14

Satisfaction c 18x14

Satisfaction d 18x14

Refresh I 48x36

Refresh 36x36

Expressions of Space

New Series! It shouldn't be surprising that a major change in my personal life has sent me on another tangent in my approach to painting. We are finally settled in our new home. We are still lacking some furniture and rugs, but it sure is refreshing to have all the space. We loved our quaint little matchbox house (our first house), but ...ahhh... it's nice to be able to breathe!!

This series is titled "Expressions of Space". Open weave compositions and bold active markings describe the feeling of living within an open, roomy area, free of clutter and full of room to work, play and relax.

Reenergized A 48x36

Reenergized B 48x36

Space for Play I

Space for Play II

Space to Breathe I

Space to Breathe II 36x36

Good Spirits I

Rejuvenate I

Rejuvenate II